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name:Fazlina.Sometime also goes by the name Lynn
age:She turns 15 in 2009 and 16 in 2000139
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'Kids! They're nothing but stomachs surrounded by noise and dirt!'
There is much truth in the above statement. I was once the kid who was noisy and dirty with the ability to drive my parents up the wall. haha. with the next door friends of about the same age, we would run around the neighbourhood, stepping on flowers, kicking balls and disturbing people. The years seem to have passed very quickly. I am now turning sixteen and about to leave school. I really wonder how did we grow up so fast. It would be great to remain kids forever, like peter pan and his friends, but maybe it may not be a very good idea. Anyways, the reality is, i am no longer eight. When i think back and compare what i was then with what i am now, I can see lots of differences. And i am not just talking about physical changes here, but mentally as well. The first thing I noticed is that I no longer have the energy to run continuously. In those younger days, we did not walk. We ran, jumped and skipped all over the place. We had tonnes of energy and never knew what tiredness meant. Now my friends and I hardly run, unless it is on the school field of course. Even then, it is more like a fast walk rather than a proper run. haha. Noise and dirt have been replaced by music and 'neatness'. Teenagers spend most of their time listening to music and browsing through the internet. God bless those geniuses who invented mp3 players, i pod and other electrical appliances. Now we can listen to our favourite songs without disturbing others. With ear phones covering our ears, we disturb no one and no one disturbs us. We have changed physically too. I would say we are at least twice the size we used to be and we have obviously changed mentally.Soon we will leave school to make our way in the real world of adults. we will definitely change even more. I suppose things will get more serious and we will have lesser time to spare. and about the running issue, i guess we'll just sit down and watch the 8 years old do it.

Life changes every minute of every day;
you lose friends and you gain friends;
you realize your friend wasn't ever really your friend;
and that person you used to hate can make a really good friend;
you look for love;
you find love and you lose love;
you realize all along that you've been loved;
you laugh,you cry;
you laugh so hard that you cry;
you do this,you do that;
you really wish you hadn't do that;
you then learn from that and are glad that you did;
you have your ups and you have your downs;
you see good movies and you see bad movies;
you wonder if your life is just one big movie;
you look at others and wish you were them;
you then realize who they are and are glad that you're you;
you love life and you hate life;
in the end,you just find yourself being happy to be living life;
no matter what is thrown at you.

agama mania
agama class;
boring,as usual;
however, something really really really strange happened today;
okay, i am going to tell you about a friend of mine;
she never ever study or love the subject, Pendidikan Agama;
but trust me we hate the teacher even more;
as i was saying,she never actually study agama until the day before intervensi 2;
everyone was surprised with the fact that she actually studied agama the night before;
i mean, it's like miracle you see.
it never happened before.

during agama class;
our dearest ustazah returned the examination paper;
everyone seems to be satisfied with their marks;
not for me;
after a while, ustazah asked us to recount the marks;
all of a sudden,we heard "my friend" cheering and hugging each other;
we were surprised to know that our dearest friend get 78% for agama;
that's 2 marks higher than me;
i was soooooooo surprised and upset at the same time;
unfortunately, there was some mistake in the calculation,
she did not get 78% but 58%;
i felt really guilty because i actually felt happy with the fact that she got 58%;
that's very mean right;
hahaha.dont get me wrong,
i'm not trying to say that she's stupid or anything,
it's just that im surprised that she managed to get really good marks on her least favourite subject;
i'm soooo sorry my friend;
that will never happen again;sorry.i regret it;
all the best in future k.
i will always be there if u need me.
im soorrrrryyyyyy!!!!!!

Giant paper ball!
last friday,during agama class..
we sat together and talked about family history and bla bla bla.
girls talk.
Aazraa was rearranging her file.
aliya and nani were busy with their homeworks.
i was bored. haha.
aazraa took all the unwanted papers and made a ball out of it;
i took the ball and threw it on aliya's head.
she was soo surprised and end up shouting;
let me give you an early warning;
don't ever sit near me when i'm bored.
couz lots of unexpected things will happen.

washing ash's face!
This unexpected incident happened during recess on the 24th of april. I was chit chatting with Ash. We both bought some 'delicious' food and drinks from the canteen. I drank a cup of milk tea while talking to her. At first, we were both giggling and talking at our calss table. Then i decided to tell my plan about Aliya's birthday. After a while,we started talking about handphones credit, bills and bonus. I told her that I got lots of bonus from Xpax. She was so interested in that topic. I told her that I get free calls to 8pax numbers(including her house phone) on every sunday. Then she asked, 'how much bonus points u get? how long is the free call?'. I was about to say '6 hours' when I suddenly burst into laughter. I sprayed the milk tea all over ash's face.. I repeat.. ONLY the FACE!! no idea why.. hahaha. perfect target. It was weird that the floor and her pinafore was dry. Only her face got sprayed. haha. yes,ash. you are right i felt soooooo embarassed. hahaha. then i followed her to the toilet to clean up. haha. i felt horrible for spraying my friend's pretty face. i mean. it never happened before. i normally can control my laughter or anything whenever something is in my mouth. haha. i'm sooo sorry ash.hahaha.

kemahiran hidup
omg. i got a B.
two more questions and i will get an A.
so frustrated.
our teacher is really weird.
she's a nice teacher;
however, there's something wrong with her teaching skills.
i just dont get it.
very hard to understand what she teaches.
i must study on my own.
its hard you see.

this incident happened during math class;
i was talking to mei wern (while waiting for our dear friend, Harshiah),
when suddenly;
there's a very awful smell;
coming from the second floor of the form 3 block.

it was horrible;
smells like toilet or clorox.
it's a mixture of both "chemical",i think;
when Harshiah returned(from the teacher's table);
I said 'Harshiah, smells like toilet';
I had no intention to say that;
what I meant was, 'Harshiah, it smells like toilet.'
she looked at me and laughed about it for a minute or so;
that was really funny.
sorry harshiah.